Program Management

AGC provides quality support to all its Clients.

ACG’s Program Management approach has evolved and strengthened over the years as we regularly incorporate industry best practices.  The foundation of our management methodology is the industry recognized Project Management Institutes’s Project Management Framework.  We use this framework and scale it to our customers’ scope and size to achieve our customers’ business goals and objectives.  We also build upon it with a contract to continually improve our performance. Keys to our success are a culture of partnership with customer management; measurable service delivery to our customer users; proactive risk management; and timely communication with customer stakeholders.

We provide turn-key solutions to help improve productivity, increase service levels, energy conservation and control costs and risks. ACG solutions help agencies improve efficiencies to do more with fewer resources in order to deliver higher quality services to the customer.  Services ACG provides:

  • PMO Support
  • Financial Management
  • Acquisitions Support